Salsa for Absolute Beginners Course

The Salsa for Absolute Beginners Course is an 8-week course that will teach you the Fundamentals of Salsa (Steps, Basic Turns & Combos) and in the second part of the course you will be able to create more challenging turn patterns and shines as you progress with the fundamentals.



The new cycle for the Salsa for Absolute Beginners Course starts on Monday, April 11. Lessons are at 7:00 PM at Berkshire Fitness Company.

16 Water St, Williamstown, MA

The Instructor: Alan Franco

Alan FrancoHaving been born in Mexico city, dancing has been Alan’s passion since he was 15 years old. His passion for dancing was inspired by many members of his family who were amazing dancers, but especially by his aunt who was a professional mambo, salsa and charleston dancer in Mexico City. For ten years, Alan was a dancer, choreographer and entertainment director at beach resorts in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, where he was truly able to express his creativity and talent in dancing. Alan’s goal is to help people take their Latin dancing -Salsa, Merengue and Bachata- to the next level and show them how they too are able to dance at Latin social dances in a natural and fun way. Proudly being a Latino, Alan knows just how much fun it is to dance to Latin music and would love to share his passion for dancing and his cultural roots with other dancing enthusiasts. He will explain the steps and turn patterns to make your repertoire of salsa moves fluent, sexy and smooth and, most importantly, musical.



There are 4 different options to pay for your Salsa Course:

One Online Payment


SAVE 30%

Offer valid online only

Two Online Installments

$40 each

SAVE 20%

Offer valid online only

Three Online Installments

$30 each

SAVE 10%

Offer valid online only

At The Studio

One Payment of


no discount

  1. Jane

    Are you teaching classes now?
    I am interested but am not sure if this is valid for 2017.

    • berkshirego

      We now offer our lessons on Mondays at 67 East St, 2nd Floor, entrance on Allen St.

      6pm Salsa
      7pm Bachata
      8pm Kizomba

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